KASS Cosmetics is the company that was formed in the year 2005 as a cosmetic and toiletries manufacturing company.

Golden Pearl Anti Freckle Cleanser



An exclusive Anti Freckle formula lightens stubborn brown and black spots and even out skin tone. The rich activity of amino acid whitening agents, fruit and natural plant extract give whitening effects on skin in multiple ways by lightening deepened melasma, dilute the stain and reduces dark spots & discoloration, so that it brings glow on the skin. With regular use, see visible improvements in the clarity of your skin as skin becomes clearer and supple looking. Vitamin C and whitening elements by penetrating into skin deep and continuously, work in the beginning of melanin formation to inhibit the appearance of freckles.

Product Code Carton Packing
KC-045 72 pieces per carton
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