KASS Cosmetics is the company that was formed in the year 2005 as a cosmetic and toiletries manufacturing company.

Goree Facewash Blue



Due to the presence of the lycopene, it is nonpoisonous, non-irritative, with best anti-oxidant properties, so it keeps the skin moisture, white and shine, It can be used on normal, sensitive or pigmented skin problem skin. Not only whitens the skin it gives a glossy and pinkish teenage look. Lycopene is the best antioxidant which makes stable first time in a cream formulation. It gives glossy and shining cream formulation. It gives a glossy and shining look to the skin and also plays a significant role in skin nourishment and regeneration of skin cell.

Product Code Carton Packing
KC-083 72 pieces per carton
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